A leader in the protective gear market for motorcycle riding (helmets, leather and fabric goods, luggage, saddlery, etc.) and other outdoor sports (bicycle/ski helmets), the European 2 Ride Group is composed of 8 internationally-renowned brands: SHARK Helmets, Nolan, X-Lite, Grex, Bering, Bagster, Segura, and Cairn.

The Group is active in many international markets (with a presence in over 80 countries) and bases its growth strategy on a strong capacity to innovate as a means of enhancing performance as well as safety.

It currently benefits from the solidity of a multi-brand entity and capitalizes on the strength and notoriety of each individual component brand in order to expand and conquer new markets.

The “technically sophisticated” products marketed by the Group’s various brands have all been designed, detailed and developed in Europe, and the vast majority are even manufactured in Europe. They are intended for a very broad clientele, spanning both professionals and amateurs involved in racing, road trips, motocross, urban rides or outdoor sports.

The Group’s head office is located in Marseille, while its various brands are split between Paris, Lyon, Bergame and Normandy. It also operates three foreign plants (Portugal, Thailand and Italy), marketing offices in several countries scattered throughout the world and an Asian sourcing office.