SHARK SAS, a simplified shareholding company, société par actions simplifiée, registered on the Marseille Companies and Business registry under number 312 311 228, whose registered office is situated at 11 Traverse de la Buzine 13011 MARSEILLE - FRANCE (hereinafter “SHARK”) is the Data controller for the purposes set out below.


The purpose of this Charter is to provide you with information on how we collect your personal data whilst strictly respecting your rights.


The schedule below sets out the purposes for which SHARK processes your personal data:


Processing Purposes

Legal Bases

Managing contact requests

Our legitimate interests (responding to your requests and helping you in your choice of products)

Managing access to customer accounts (secured access) Pro area

Our legitimate interests (ensuring the Internet site is secure)

Sales prospecting

Our legitimate interests (providing information on the latest products, sending promotional offers and improving customers’ experience) or your consent where this is required by legislation.

Managing a loyalty programme and promotions (competitions).

Fulfilling our contractual relations, our legitimate interests (promoting our sales proposals) for data which exceeds that which is strictly necessary for fulfilling contractual obligations.

For statistical purposes

Our legitimate interests (improving our sales proposals)

Managing of complaints, after-sales service and contractual guarantees.

Fulfilling our contractual relations and our legitimate interests (improving our sales proposals and customers’ experience) for data which exceeds that which is strictly necessary for fulfilling contractual obligations.

Measuring Internet Site frequency

Our legitimate interests (managing and improving frequency on our site) or your consent where this is required by regulations (based on the type of cookies used)

Managing customer feedback and satisfaction surveys

Our legitimate interests (promotions and improving our sales proposals)

Managing Disputes

Our legitimate interests (in defence of our interests) and fulfillment of our contractual relations.

Managing recruitment

Our legitimate interests (talent search and recruitment) or your consent where this is required by legislation.

Creating a CV filing system

Your consent

SHARK has appointed a Data Protection Officer (DPO) who may be contacted: 
  • by email at
  • or by mail at the following address: SHARK – DPO, 11 Traverse de la Buzine 13011 Marseille (France)


Data which is processed is identification data (surname, first name, contact references etc.) data relating to your centres of interest, orders made, any claims and for employment applicants, data relating to qualifications and experience.


Information collected by SHARK which are essential to meet the purposes mentioned above are identified by an asterisk in data collection forms. If you do not complete obligatory fields, SHARK will not be able to provide the service in question.


Data is collected by SHARK directly from the person concerned or provided by our marketing partners or in the context of recruitment.


Your personal data is not subject to later processing which is incompatible with the purposes set out above. It is held pursuant to legislation relating to the protection of data and according to durations prescribed by law. For example:

  • Data relating to employment applicants not accepted are held for two years with their consent.
  • Data relating to prospects is held for three years from the last commercial contact.


Personal data which has been processed is principally accessible by SHARK’s Sales and Marketing Department, Information Systems Department, Financial department and Human Resources Department.


Your data may also be disclosed to: 

  • SHARK computer service providers (external service providers maintaining computer systems for example) 
  • Subcontractors working for the purposes of sales prospection (routing etc.)
  • Partners acting in the context of recruitment management (recruitment agencies etc.)
  • Companies in the same group as SHARK (the 2-RIDE Group)

Subcontractors acting in accordance with SHARK instructions will be bound to implement appropriate personal data protection measures.


Where SHARK partners are located in countries where their legislation does not necessarily offer the same level of protection as that of State members of the European Union, SHARK will ensure that these transfers are carried out pursuant to French legislative requirements (such as setting up contractual clauses which have been adopted by the European Commission). You may contact the SHARK Data Controller to obtain further information on these subjects and a copy of relevant documents.


You have the following rights:

  • The right to access: You have the right to ask us what data SHARK holds in relation to you.
  • The right to correction and deletion: You have the right to correct data relating to you and to require its deletion. In the event of any requests to delete your data, SHARK may, nevertheless, retain them in temporary filing for the duration necessary to satisfy legislative, accounting and taxation obligations.
  • The Right to opposition. You have the right to oppose SHARK’s processing for reasons relating to your particular situation. 
  • You also have the right to oppose sales prospection without any requirement to provide reasons.
  • The Right of portability. You have the right to require SHARK to transfer data relating to you or that it be transferred to a third party in a structured format currently in use and readable by a machine.
  • You have the right to request limits to the processing of your personal data (i) where you dispute the accuracy of your data for a period enabling us to check its accuracy, (ii) where you consider that we are illegally processing your data and you require a limit to their use rather than deletion, (iii) where we no longer have need of your data having regard to the purposes set out above but these are still necessary for recognition, exercise or defence of your legal rights, (iv) in the event of exercising your right to opposition during the verification period relating to whether the legitimate grounds that we have take precedence over those that you have.
  • You also have the right not to be subject to a decision exclusively based on automatic processing resulting in legal consequences relating to or significantly affecting you.
  • You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time.
  • You also have the right to give instructions relating to holding, deletion and communication of your personal data post-mortem.


Where you have a customer account, you may carry out most of these procedures directly by connecting to this customer account.

Otherwise, you have the right to exercise your rights at any time by sending an email to the following address: and/or to the following postal address: SHARK – DPO, 11 Traverse de la Buzine 13011 Marseille (France)


If you are not satisfied by any response relating to these rights, or in the event of any dispute on the use made of your data you have the right to present your claim to the  Personal Data Protection Commission, the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés, la CNIL (