Rs Jet - Shark Helmets


Unleash the Thrill: Accelerate Your Style with your RJ JET

Dare to be different with our brand new open-face helmet featuring a unique, sporty, and bold design. Providing unparalleled protection, this helmet pushes the boundaries of safety while delivering remarkable style on the road.

Rs Jet - Shark Helmets


The RS JET CARBON embodies the perfect fusion between sporty urban style and racing style inherited from Spartan DNA.


The assertive aesthetic draws its inspiration from the visual characteristics of muscle cars and muscle bikes, as well as ready-to-wear motorcycle apparel, with its perforated imitation leather interior.


Our RS JET combines style and functionality in an exceptional way. Its distinctive and bold design instantly stands out, attracting the attention of everyone who crosses your path.

Rs Jet - Shark Helmets


An anti-fog Pinlock 120 Max Vision visor and its removable anti-fog UV380 sun visor, for exceptional visibility and field of vision.


The visor has a wide field of vision secured by its 4-point locking system, directly derived from our racing model, the AERON GP, which offers an additional level.


There is no risk of fogging on the visor thanks to the Pinlock 120 Max Vision film provided in the box.


In addition to its lightness and exceptional field of vision, this helmet also has a removable sun visor with anti-fog treatment and UV380 protection.

Rs Jet - Shark Helmets


A 3D scanning campaign carried out on a large panel of users allowed us to define the fit as close as possible to your body shape: the BEST FIT by SHARK.


Enjoy unparalleled comfort thanks to the fit and ergonomic shape of the interior combined with premium shell materials.


The combination of suede and ALVEOTECH SANITIZED® labelled textiles ensures effective antimicrobial treatment and controls odour and perspiration.


Our second-skin fit, exceptional during use, combines no less than 5 high-tech textiles guaranteeing:


  • Premium quality finishes
  • Semi-firm foams for exemplary support during use
  • Remarkable waterproofing and weatherproofing
  • A pleasantly soft fit when putting it on
  • A real feeling of freedom when riding.

Rs Jet - Shark Helmets


Discover the new SHARK jet helmet, combining safety, comfort and aerodynamic design.


The first jet helmet of the new SHARK generation to successfully pass the new UNECE 22-06 standard, thanks to its multiaxial composite/carbon fibre shell combined with multi-density EPS.


Conceived and designed to limit aerodynamic drag, minimize buffeting and reduce parasitic noise, it also ensures optimized ventilation.